Double Dubs Bowling Promo Video (Blog Post #9)

This is a short promotional video for Double Dubs chicken wings. It was shot while the truck was parked at Laramie Lanes Bowling Alley.

For this assignment, Austin Wiseman and I partnered up to create a promotional video for the local food truck Double Dubs. Double Dubs is a go-to organization for me when it comes to these kinds of assignments, since I am an employee. On top of that, Austin and I both used to be on the diving team at Laramie High School, and that team happened to have been coached by Trent Weitzel, who now owns Double Dubs. Because of these factors of proximity, and the fact that delicious chicken wings are easy to promote, we thought this video would be a lot of fun to make.

We decided to brainstorm ideas regarding the best way to shoot the video, and eventually settled on going for something simple, direct, and funny. We asked a few friends to come to the bowling alley so that they could help us get a few shots of bowling and eating wings. We got lots of footage of me preparing the food, as well as of the truck’s exterior. Finally, we taped a few brief interviews. We did one casual interview with an unidentified friend, and another with Double Dubs owner Trent Weitzel.

After getting all the footage, I was confident we could assemble a coherent and interesting video. We followed our tentative storyboard and started off with establishing shots, leading into food prep shots and bowling shots. The idea was to portray a narrative wherein people’s food is shown being prepared from beginning to end, and then brought to customers and enjoyed. In a lot of ways, this video captures what happens every time the Double Dubs truck parks at Laramie Lanes.

I honestly enjoyed this process from beginning to end, and I was surprised to find that the editing process was probably the most fun part for me. Although it was a bit frustrating for someone like myself who is very used to digital audio workstations to get used to the video editing software, it was really intuitive once I got going. I was also surprised to find how well our shots would transition between each other, especially with the help of the public domain, non copyrighted music we found and downloaded. Just a few basic tools like zooming and cutting to black did wonders for the overall quality of the video. I can’t think of anything I would have done different in terms of completing this assignment, as I feel like this video actually turned out very good. If anything, I wish we had the chance to clean the inside of the truck to make it look more presentable.

In my future career, I could be doing many similar video projects at some point. In the immediate future, my band is going to release a series of promotional videos for our upcoming June tour. Video is a great way for bands and musicians to engage different audiences and create consistent and direct branding. On top of that, there are countless ways to use video skills in communication and journalism fields. Ultimately, I think this was a fantastic way to end my final undergraduate semester at the University of Wyoming.

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