The 5 best Chicken Wing Spots in Laramie, Wyoming (Blog Post #6)

Like most towns in America, Laramie, Wyoming is full of people who love to eat chicken wings. For people who love chicken wings, it can often be difficult to know where the best wings are sold. Because of this problem, I thought I could help Laramie’s fine residents by running through my personal top 5 chicken wing spots in Laramie. I have included a link to a Google My Maps document with locations for these establishments, as well as brief descriptions of my thought process in ranking them as I chose to. Keep in mind, these are only my personal favorites, and they don’t reflect any journalistic objectivity, but are meant to serve as a loose guide for any chicken wing enthusiast in the Laramie area.

Laramie’s Wal-Mart has a deli section with many great options. (Photo from Laramie Live)

The fifth best place for chicken wings is, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, our local Wal-Mart. The Laramie Wal-Mart isn’t very distinct from the countless other locations across the world, but it nonetheless offers a great selection of affordable chicken, including some very tasty chicken wing options.

Laramie’s Applebee’s has good chicken wings for cheap prices. (Photo from

The fourth best chicken wings in Laramie can be found at the local Applebee’s, another massive chain Like Wal-Mart. Even though there isn’t anything about Laramie’s Applebee’s that distinguishes it from other Applebee’s locations, it is a fantastic place for cheap and delicious chicken wings. For those who prefer restaurants to supermarkets, Applebee’s is a fine place to get a bargain on good chicken wings.

O’Dwyer’s Pub in Laramie has an inviting atmosphere, and tasty chicken wings. (Photo from

Now entering the top three of my list, the following restaurants are more unique to Laramie. O’Dwyer’s Pub is an Irish eatery that offers bigger, meatier chicken wings than the likes of Applebee’s or Wal-Mart. On top of that, the unique building and decor make this a very positive and personal dining experience. O’Dwyer’s is also located right in the heart of the Laramie community, and is only a very brief walk away from the University of Wyoming dorm buildings.

Born in a Barn has some of the best chicken wings in Laramie, and a fantastic downtown location. (Photo from

My second favorite place to get wings in Laramie is the downtown eatery Born in a Barn. Surrounded by many other fantastic restaurants, Born in a Barn stands out in the downtown scene as one of the best places for burgers, and of course, chicken wings. These chicken wings are particularly notable for the unique sauce options, which range from things like typical bbq sauce to a one-of-a-kind peanut butter and jelly sauce.

Double Dubs is a food truck that specializes in chicken wings and often parks at Laramie Fitness on Wednesdays. (Photo from

Finally, the best chicken wings in Laramie are at the Double Dubs food truck, which cooks chicken wings almost exclusively. On the Google My Maps link, I posted the location of Double Dubs as Laramie Fitness, since this is one of the parking lots most frequently occupied by the food truck. This location also features the large double decker bus sometimes used for seating Double Dubs customers. Since the truck focuses so intensely on solely wings, customers can expect wings of the highest quality. Double Dubs also has many homemade sauces. Like with Born in a Barn, some of these sauces are typical buffalo or bbq style, while others are very novel, such as Garlic Alfredo, spicy veggie, or habanero mustard. Double Dubs also frequently parks at Mulligan’s Bar, The Wild Rose Flower Shop, and Laramie Lanes. Full disclosure, as a long-time Double Dubs employee, I may have some bias in its favor. So I asked a regular customer about her thoughts on Double Dubs. Jayne Hellenburg says that “I have never been a fan of chicken wings, but Double Dubs changed my mind. I am now a regular customer.”

All in all, Laramie is a great place for chicken wings, and I hope this helps people to explore their options.

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