Audio Profile of Not My Weekend’s Patrick Gilchrist (Blog Post #5)

Patrick Gilchrist checks his phone and eats a bowl of cereal before heading to work. Patrick sings and plays guitar for Laramie, Wyoming band Not My Weekend.

I personally very much enjoyed the editing process for this assignment. Since my interviewee was such a great talker, and told a coherent and interesting story, it was relatively easy to edit. I enjoy removing pieces of audio seamlessly, and choosing what is really necessary for the story. The difficult part of editing is leaving great quotes on the cutting room floor to meet the time limit, but that challenge also adds to the fun. Taking the portrait photo was very interesting. Since Patrick happens to be my roommate, I was able to capture him in a very authentic moment, eating cereal and checking social media on his phone. After showing the best picture I had to Pat, he said that it basically conveyed his essence, since he spends so much time doing that kind of thing. For the most part, nothing about this assignment was particularly surprising to me, since I have some experience with audio and podcasting. I suppose the most interesting thing was how it turned out to be possible to omit large portions of speaking and still have a cohesive story. I don’t think I would do anything different for this assignment, and I think everything went over very smoothly. I can see myself editing audio like this in the future in various roles. Perhaps I could end up editing voiceovers for movies or television, or I could edit audio for ads. Regardless, I will use my audio editing skills to continue creating music.

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