Creative Devices Photography (Blog Post #2)

This assignment has been a fun opportunity to expand my knowledge of and experience with photography. I decided to use photos entirely from the conservatory, mostly as a way to challenge myself to take the best photos I could in that environment.

Lights of the Leaves – A plant viewed from above

The main creative device in this photo is texture, since looking at the photo gives a good impression of how these layered and dense leaves might feel. Additionally, perspective is important in this picture, since it captures the plant from a somewhat unusual angle. I had several similar shots, but settled on this one because of the relative symmetry it achieved between all the leaves, and their positioning surrounding the emptier spaces mid-frame.

Among the Plants – A statue surrounded by plants

The main device in this photo is the rule of thirds. Although I had another shot that was more in line with the grid, I found this one to be more symmetrical and pleasing to my eye. The statue is the subject of the photo, framed subtly by long leaves. The many plants in this photo serve as balancing elements, especially the large one on the left.

Open Spaces in the Greenhouse – A view of the ventilation and ceiling in the main greenhouse

The main device in this photo is perspective. By looking up at the ceiling of the greenhouse, a spacious and visually unique view is revealed. Given the grid design of the structure, there is also a prominent use of symmetry and patterns in the photo. Additionally, these lines serve as leading lines to the subject of the photo, which is the ventilation installation.

By the Window – Two plants peek out through the rails of a staircase

The main device in this photo is framing, since the staircase creates an almost oppressive sliver for the subjects to be viewed. On top of that, the plants are boxed in by chains and a bar, as well as the corner of the window. The angular and rigid structure of the building is in stark contrast to the plants, which are the only green elements in an image full of white paint and aggressive natural light from the window.

Mirror Habitats – Two pots of plants side-by-side

The main device in this photo is balancing elements. Wile the larger pot is the subject, the smaller pot creates a point of comparison and reflects the larger in some ways. For example, where the bottom of the larger pot is lined with bright green and yellow, the top of the smaller one is mostly a dark brown. Conversely, the water in the smaller pot is reflecting a great deal of light, where the water in the larger pot is mostly dark.

Ultimately, I was surprised with how well these photos turned out. I don’t think they’re anything particularly special, I just never thought my phone’s camera was capable of capturing such high quality images. When viewed on my laptop in high resolution and full size, they definitely look better that I expected. I don’t think there’s anything I would do different if I had to do this assignment again, although I wish I had asked about how to make links come up in new tabs. *edit 2/15* I figured out the link thing!

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