The Journey Begins (Blog Post #1)

I can’t believe I’m finally only a semester away from my degree! As I reflect on all the things I have learned in college, it has become apparent to me that I still have a lot of room for growth, especially when it comes to understanding how to produce digital media. As a musician, I have had many opportunities to gain experience in music recording, production, and the operation of digital audio workstations. Hosting a segment on Wyoming Sounds through Wyoming Public Media has given me a bit of a background in broadcasting technologies and practices. I have also had limited experience with more video-oriented things such as music videos.

However, I have almost no personal experience in editing videos. Additionally, there many aspects of writing for the internet that I have yet to learn about. After reviewing the syllabus for this course, and referring to the blogs of previous students, these are the kinds of skills I hope to develop and strengthen throughout the course of this class. As a sort of hobbyist photographer and photo editor, I’m also really looking forward to learning more about the composition and theory aspects of photography. On top of that, there are bound to be many more interesting and valuable concepts explored in this class, all of which are integral to successfully navigating the internet multimedia landscape as a creator.

Regarding the kinds of things I’ll be writing about, it’s still difficult to predict. Obviously, it would be out of the question for me to write about my band or personal musical endeavors, but music is likely to come up. I know I will discuss pictures I’ve taken, and I know I will live tweet some kind of event, but I haven’t yet been able to make up my mind on the subjects of the photos and tweets. As these assignments come up, I will likely be looking out for relevant things that interest me. Ultimately, I think just about anything can be interesting, so I’m very excited to see what ends up in this blog! The website automatically generated a “The Journey Begins” post with a pretty picture and a nice quote, so here’s a picture I took a long time ago and nice quote I like to accompany this inaugural blog entry.

“It’s curious – very very odd, and yet nobody realizes it – that human beings are brought up to feel as if they were strangers in the world. We are given a sense of our own existence that is in flat contradiction to the facts of nature. Although, in its own way there is something natural about that, because nothing can happen at all that is not in some way connected with an elaborate scheme – not a scheme that, as it were, had a plan in mind, but nevertheless a scheme – that is musical in nature.” – Alan Watts

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